We are Nature Wood.

China Nature Wood Industry Group ltd has over 15 years experience in wood product developing, manufacturing and distributing

Providing a wide range of products including logs, sawn timber, decking, flooring, charcoal and so on. We own and operate 480,000 hectares forests and 6 sawmills, situated in Peru (South America) and Gabon (Africa). The trading network covers South America, North America, Europe and China. We have European Sales office in the hart of Europe with two major Ports in the wood business namely Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The company is committed to the sustainable management of forests, efficient use of resources, continuous development of new products, and provide high-quality products and services consistently.




Social Resposibility

We are an internationally oriented organization and value taking responsibility and contributing to a better world.

Develop Local Economies

Creating jobs and help solve local employment issues. We learn local workers usefull skills within the timber industry.

Develop Local Education

Contribute to local education by provide teaching materials to local primary schools and offer internships for forestry lectures.

Helping Local Communities

We invest in infrastructure and help setting-up hospitals in remote forest areas to improve medical conditions.

We support indigenous communities to carry out FSC forest certification and provide access to sales channels within the timber industry to further promote the local economy.


Our wood is 100% traceable throughout the supply chain. From harvest to export, just as good forest management should be done.

We are FSC certified

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is of great value to us. We care about the environment and preserve the ecosystem. For this reason, we have FSC certification throughout our production chain, which further guarantees our responsibility for forest management and traceability of wood.


We are part of social and environmental projects because we are concerned about the maintenance and conservation of the ecosystem.


Consists on a responsible administration of the forest natural resources. It seeks to conserve the forest in its original state while taking advantage of its natural resources. Regarding the ecosystem maintenance, it has been statistically proven that a responsibly managed forest is even better than an untouched forest.


We are part of The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD Project which focuses on the reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation. In this project, we prove that we in our forest, thanks to our intervention in the forest and social projects, there is a reduction of CO2 emissions.


We guarantee our responsibility of forest management and wood traceability.


We support the social development of the areas where operate through several social projects and activities.

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