Sawn Timber

  • Sawn timber from Peru & Gabon
  • Various rough sawn hardwoods and sizes
  • Highest sustainable standards

Sawn timber from Nature Wood

Sawn timber comes from both our companies in Peru and Gabon. Almost no application is conceivable, or a suitable type of wood can be found. Each type of wood has a special mix of properties that makes wood such a beautiful product.

In addition to finished products such as decking boards, we can also supply a number of rough sawn hardwoods in various sizes. Specifications and availability in consultation and on request. A natural forest often consists of many different tree species and because we take into account the safety aspects during the felling and we want to cause as little damage as possible to the forest itself, the offer and thus the availability varies because of this.

In this segment our company is committed to the sustainable management of forests and efficient use of resources. The requirements of FSC are strictly adhered to by us and we comply with the guidelines as set out in the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) that prevents the use of illegally harvested wood.

With regard to the availability of our raw wood and our products in general, the above guidelines are of paramount importance and we will always put the local interests of nature and people first. 

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